About Us
Your $20 will provide 2 days’ supply of nutritional milk feed for a resident on tube feeding.
Your $50 will help to pay for each resident’s ambulance transport fee to a hospital in an emergency.
Your $100 donation to the Lions Education Fund will assist students to purchase books or course materials.

To be the leading source of philanthropic giving for the conduct of humanitarian services in Singapore from funds raised by Lions Clubs from the public.

To be the central organization for fiscal resources generated by Lions fund-raising activities and to extend the scope of tax exempt donations to Lions causes in Singapore beyond services to the elderly.

The Lions Community Service Foundation (Singapore) was formally registered as Charity in Singapore in 2003 to succeed the then District Foundation as the central organization for fiscal resources generated by Lions fund-raising activities. Its primary purpose is to establish the Foundation Endowment Fund from donations raised from the public to fund Lions community service activities, including the Lions Home, Lions Befrienders and other Lions projects. Its Institute of Public Character (IPC) was renewed on 20 November 2010 to receive tax exempt donations.

All Chartered Clubs in District 308-A1 are members of the Lions Foundation. Through it, clubs would be united in their community efforts, and public confusion in competing Lions charitable causes would be eliminated

In furtherance of its objects stated in the LCSF Constitution & Bye Laws, LCSF aims to raise funds:

  • For the support and continued management by Lions of the Lions Home for the Elders, registered under the Societies Act.
  • For the support and continued management of Lions Befrienders Service Association, an association registered under the Societies Act.

In addition, LCSF is constitutionally mandated “To support any relief work and community service projects and activities carried out by the Lions Clubs in advancing their club charter obligations.”

These include, and are not limited to Scholarships for deserving and poor students, financial assistance to destitute families, local application of LCI programmes eg. Lions Quest and Lions Gift of Sight.

Note: The Singapore Lions Education Fund was established by the District on 25 October 2008 at a District Meeting for the purpose of establishing scholarships, bursaries or other schemes with institutions of learning in Singapore to provide financial assistance to deserving students. The Education Fund is administered by the Lions Community Service Foundation (Singapore) in collaboration with the educational institutions.

Guidelines for the disbursement of LCSF funds have been set up and Lions or Lions clubs have to meet the pre-requisite criteria in their application for funding with all submissions endorsed by the incumbent District Governor. The decision to award funding is made by the LCSF Board.