Activities of The Foundation
Your $20 will provide 2 days’ supply of nutritional milk feed for a resident on tube feeding.
Your $50 will help to pay for each resident’s ambulance transport fee to a hospital in an emergency.
Your $100 donation to the Lions Education Fund will assist students to purchase books or course materials.

Financial Hardship Assistance

Children & Youth: The LCSF administered Lions Education Fund was established by the District in 2008 for the purpose of establishing scholarships, bursaries and other schemes to provide financial assistance to needy and deserving students. Lions Education Fund currently grants annual bursaries, book prizes, food and transport allowance schemes to schools and institutions at all levels of learning in Singapore, covering primary, secondary, junior colleges, ITE and other skill training colleges, polytechnics as well as universities. LCSF grants also support the organisation of special annual holiday camps for less fortunate youth, such as those with paediatric cancer, who cannot participate in normal youth holiday activities.

Families & VWOs: The Foundation also provides financial assistance to families made destitute due to the sudden death or illness of the main breadwinner but are not eligible for government social welfare assistance. LCSF also provide grants to non Lion charities that requires financial assistance to enhance their capabilities and reach.

Residents of Welfare Homes & the lonely elderly: Lions Clubs through their weekly fresh grocery collection distributes fresh vegetables and other grocery items donated by wet market stallholders supplemented by tax exempt donations by club members and their well wishers. During festive occasions Lions Clubs organise festive treats for elderly residents of welfare homes and lonely elderly participants at neighbourhood senior activity centers as well as outdoor activities for residents of managed homes for delinquent youth. At weekends Lions clubs organise “Hot Meal luncheons” subsidized by LCSF grants, for senior citizens who live by themselves providing opportunities for the lonely elderly to socialise with their neighbours.

Public Education /Awareness Programs

Dementia Source Book: This publication by architectural students of NUS School was sponsored by LCSF and distributed to institutions involved in Dementia care and is available for public purchase at discounted prices to care givers to improve their dementia care environment.

Annual Public Forum: LCSF provide financial support for the organization of major events that promote sight conservation, preventable and reversible blindness, diabetes awareness and other health, wellness and environmental issues.

Local Application of LCI Programs

International Peace Poster Competition & Lions Quest: LCSF provides grants to Lions Clubs tasked to organise the local application of these international Lions service programs for schools in Singapore.


Many Lions Clubs have raised funds for LCSF since it was registered as a charity with IPC status. It is hoped that more Lions Clubs will favourably consider to channel their fund-raising efforts through LCSF tax-exempt donation facility as well as to benefit from LCSF grants for their projects that promote and achieve the objectives of the Lions movement in Singapore. In appreciation of the efforts to raise funds for LCSF charitable causes, an Award Scheme was established to recognize donors and fund-raisers from the public, corporations and individuals as well as Lions and Lions Clubs..

LCSF Secretariat is located at 465 North Bridge Road #02-5051, Singapore 191465. All Lions are welcome to

visit the office and our Website at