Your $20 will provide 2 days’ supply of nutritional milk feed for a resident on tube feeding.
Your $50 will help to pay for each resident’s ambulance transport fee to a hospital in an emergency.
Your $100 donation to the Lions Education Fund will assist students to purchase books or course materials.


  • Successor to former District Foundation established in the seventies
  • Set up to raise funds primarily for emergency disaster relief
  • Originally not a registered body
    – funds raised only from Lions
    – RM(S$)10 per Lion annual subscription
  • Resolution to register Foundation unanimously approved in April 2002 by 4th District 308-A1 Convention
  • Constitution and By-Laws approved and first Board of Directors elected in April 2003 by 5th District 308-A1 Convention
  • Registration with ROS and Commissioner for Charities in June 2003
  • All Chartered Lions Clubs in District 308-A1 are members of LCSF

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