Request for Funding
Your $20 will provide 2 days’ supply of nutritional milk feed for a resident on tube feeding.
Your $50 will help to pay for each resident’s ambulance transport fee to a hospital in an emergency.
Your $100 donation to the Lions Education Fund will assist students to purchase books or course materials.

Funding Guidelines

The Lions Community Service Foundation (Singapore) supports the work of Lions in the community, and hence serves to strengthen and enhance the community service carried out by Lions Clubs in the District.

Funding Lions Activities
LCSF funding to Lions Clubs is approved for deserving Lions service projects that extend beyond the scope of traditional club and/or district fundraising activities. Examples: Monetary assistance beyond club/clubs capacity; geographical coverage of project, where benefit of proposed project is far reaching; manpower requirement of project exceeds Lions capability;

The essential elements present in the club’s project to warrant LCSF funding must be:

  • It addresses an important humanitarian and community need, and in cases where there is indication of extreme hardship.
  • The commitment of club to the said project, that LCSF’s funding support would be extending the project’s impact, and making it possible to benefit more people than would otherwise be possible or envisaged by the club originally.

Criteria for application and disbursement of LCSF funding

  1. Applications for funding must be submitted to the Foundation Secretary through the District Governor.
  2. All LCSF funding applications must have the endorsement of the District Governor. The District Governor makes his/her recommendations to the LCSF Board and certifies the significance and merits of the need addressed by the project.
  3. To encourage clubs’ ownership and participation, a fund-raising initiative by way of a start-up fund etc by the club/clubs supporting the project must be evident.
  4. Applications will be for funding meaningful service projects that may require sustained and long-term support. Applications will be made on a yearly basis, and subject to a progress report submitted by the club/clubs concerned.
  5. The decision to award funding will be made by the LCSF Board based on the merits of the application, recommendations and endorsement of the District Governor.
  6. A grant of up to 80% of project costs or of funds raised by the club/s whichever is the lesser, will be given to fund deserving community service projects. However, the amount of funding per project will be determined by the funds available and in accordance with the LCSF Constitution & By-Laws that allows for the disbursement of up to 75% of the interest and income earned from funds raised for the Foundation.
  7. As per regulations imposed on Fund Raising for Foreign Charities under the Charities Act, only 20% of all funds raised locally may be donated to a foreign charity (unless specific approval is given by the Commissioner of Charities).
  8. Should there be more than one application for LCSF finding from clubs, or the applications exceed the fund available in each fiscal year, preference will be given to club/clubs that have previously raised funds in support of the Foundation.

Funding to Non-Lions
LCSF will fund deserving Non-Lions under various approved schemes. Individual applicants should approach any Lions Club in Singapore to support their applications.

LCSF Fund Application Form
The information provided in this form is necessary for the consideration of this application. Please complete the questions below and submit the application to the District Governor for his consideration and endorsement.

Prior to complete this form, Lion members are advise to seek District Governor (DG) recommendation or support.

Project name

Amount of funds already raised/ available as start-up initiative

Amount of funds requested from LCSF

Total amount of funds required for the project

Number of people directly benefiting from this project

Project objectives & goals

Project's plan and how objectives will be reached

Project Budget

Project timetable

Date of completion
Date Month Year

Name of Lions Club/Clubs supporting this project

Submission By

Reasons for Foundation to Approve:

District Governor
Name :
Term of office :