Our Programs
Your $20 will provide 2 days’ supply of nutritional milk feed for a resident on tube feeding.
Your $50 will help to pay for each resident’s ambulance transport fee to a hospital in an emergency.
Your $100 donation to the Lions Education Fund will assist students to purchase books or course materials.

Lions Community Service Foundation (Singapore)

The Lions Foundation was established to harness the fiscal resources generated by Lions fund raising activities through a central organization. This would unite Lions in their community service efforts and maximize the value of the funds application. By pooling all funds raised, the Lions would derive higher returns on their fund.

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Lions Quest

Lions Quest is a school-based, comprehensive positive youth development and preventive programme that unite the home, school and community through imparting life skills, character education and civic values to youth at risk. The focus of this service learning education programme is the young and impressionable age groups aimed at preventing drug abuse and other delinquent tendencies. It was developed and successfully implemented in the United States nationally at the height of its youth delinquency period.

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Lions Education Fund

The Singapore Lions Education Fund was established by the District on 25 October 2008 at a District Meeting for the purpose of establishing scholarships, bursaries or other schemes for financial assistance with institutions of learning in Singapore for the benefit of deserving recipients. The financial support would enable needy and deserving students to complete their education (at primary, secondary, post secondary and tertiary levels according to their ability) and to contribute to the less advantaged in our community.

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Lions Home for the Elders

The Lions Home for the Elders understands the importance of providing quality care for the elderly in Singapore and offers residential services for the destitute, frail and aged sick.

A voluntary welfare organization that is one of the first few nursing homes to be accredited as an Approved Service Provider by the Ministry of Health, Lions Home for the Elders strives to provide residents with a sense of dignity and maximum independence possible while they are receiving medical and nursing care and undergoing rehabilitation.

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Lions Befriender

Lions Befrienders Service Association (Singapore) [LBSA] is a Voluntary Welfare Organisation which was founded in 1995 by the Lions Clubs of Singapore and a Lions District Project. We are also a registered member with the National Council of Social Service, the local social services sector’s umbrella body. Our core mission is to aid in the social, psycho-emotional and physical well-being of lonely seniors through community participation whilst upholding our belief that every older person is a valued member of society and deserves to age with grace and dignity.

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Keeping Learning Alive!

With COVID-19 bringing about home-based learning, it has disrupted the learning of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
To support their learning, we are partnering Catch Them Young to provide learning devices, online class and digital learning materials.  We hope to keep learning alive for 1,000 needy children.

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