Lions Quest
Your $20 will provide 2 days’ supply of nutritional milk feed for a resident on tube feeding.
Your $50 will help to pay for each resident’s ambulance transport fee to a hospital in an emergency.
Your $100 donation to the Lions Education Fund will assist students to purchase books or course materials.

Details of the International Lions Quest programme are available here

Lions Quest is a school-based, comprehensive positive youth development and preventive programme that unite the home, school and community through imparting life skills, character education and civic values to youth at risk. The focus of this service learning education programme is the young and impressionable age groups aimed at preventing drug abuse and other delinquent tendencies. It was developed and successfully implemented in the United States nationally at the height of its youth delinquency period.

Lions Clubs International bought the intellectual property rights to the Lions Quest programme so that its benefits may be experienced worldwide. Today Lions Clubs in countries in both the developed and developing world conduct Lions Quest programs as part of their activities for youth.

The Lions Quest programme conducted by Lions Clubs in Singapore focused on the training of teachers in secondary schools and institutions for juvenile delinquents and institutionalised youth. The first training workshop was conducted in 1999 and more than 80 teachers from 25 schools and vocational institutes have been trained to conduct Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence program fully funded by Lions Clubs in Singapore, working in conjunction with local school teachers and principals.

Implementation of Lions Quest Program in Singapore
1998 – International President Kajit Habanananda met the then MCD Minister Abdullah Tarmugi.
Jan 1999 – Quest International made a 2-hour presentation to MCD staff, following which 15 schools requested for the programme.
March 2000 – pilot LQ training workshop launched with MCD support. 100 teachers from 16 schools and rehab institutions received training. Training funded by MCD.
Nov 2000 – another 2 workshops held for additional 80 teachers from 12 schools. Estimated no. of students benefited – 8,000. Workshops financed by donation from surplus of OSEAL Forum held in Singapore in 1999.
2001 – 2002 – Application for grant from Lions International suspended, as LCIF negotiated to buy over the programme. Application submitted was for US$200K.
Jan 2003 – re-submitted grant application for $100K. Received approval in March 2003.
Nov 2003 – 40 more teachers trained. 5 new schools added to programme.
Nov 2005 – 24 more teachers trained in workshop conducted at Bukit Merah Secondary School. Training funded by LCIF grant, matched by grant from National Youth Council.
March 2010 – another workshop for 18 teachers and volunteers of “Homes” under the umbrella of MCYS mostly from the Boys’ Town cluster. Training was conducted at Boy’s Town from balance of fund from first tranche of LCIF grant (US$25,000) and matched by district LQ fund.

Lions Quest in Singapore
In Singapore, some 25 Secondary Schools & Vocational Institutes are conducting the Lions-Quest Skills for Adolescence program in their Character development & pastoral care programs. They adopted the ‘Skills for Adolescence’ (“SFA”) Lions Quest programme because

  • SFA more interactive and practical
  • Most modules have proven to be effective and useful
  • Minimal preparation for teachers
  • Children feel empowered during the sessions
  • There is no “talk down” during sessions; more participatory
  • Modules may be used any time